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Exactly four months ago I have published a blog post to introduce Mosby, a Model-View-Presenter library for android.

Four months and 500 stars on Github later I have decided that it’s time for Mosby to move out of home and move into his own house. Today I’m delighted to announce that Mosby now has it’s own Github Pages as central resource for all Mosby related things like documentation, architectural explanations, getting started page, sample code and javadoc.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the community (have I ever said how much I love the android community) and also a few pull requests and contributions. I’m very glad to see that more android developers realize the need of a clear architecture in their android apps (doesn’t necessary have to be Mosby nor MVP at all). Hopefully, Mosby can help building better apps. At the same time I have seen developers with questions about MVP and especially Mosby. Some of those questions might not have been asked if there would be a central public resource for documentation. Hence, the need of Github Pages. Another problem was that people didn’t know where the right place is to ask questions (me neither). Some asked by creating issues on github’s issue tracker. Other asked in the comments section of my personal site. A few others on reddit. To address this issue I have also included a Disqus section to Mosby’s github page. This section should be the right place to ask questions. However, I’m dreaming of the day that Mosby is popular enough so that the Disqus section can be dropped in favor of an own tag on stackoverflow.

This is not a farewell. I will still post about Mosby here on my personal blog. Those blog posts may also be merged into Mosby’s Github Pages. Another advantage of Github Pages is that everybody can contribute easily by creating a pull request. Interior designers (also known as contributors) are very welcome!

Therefore, I’m not saying »good bye Mosby«. Rather I say »see you later« in your new house, which hopefully one day will be the skyscraper you were always dreaming of.