Hannes Dorfmann

Hello, I’m Hannes Dorfmann

I was born and raised in the middle of the Alps in the north of Italy (Dolomites). That is the reason why the mountains and hiking are just in my DNA (as you probably have already guessed by the pictures used here in this blog). I’m really into sports. Any kind of sports. I love playing (and chatting) about football. Of course, I also like software engineering.

Fun fact: My name sounds German but I’m Italian (I know it’s confusion… we can talk about that while grabbing a beer).

I’m part of a cross-functional team (iOS, android, web and backend engineers) team at OneFootball working in the growth area. I’m supporting our team as an Engineering Manager by helping others with their personal and professional growth. Another passion of mine trying to improve engineer’s productivity. Before joining OneFootball I have worked as Engineering Manager at Freeletics also in the growth and monetization area. Additionally, I have also led a small cross-functional team called “Engineering Productivity”, which is focusing on CI/CD, automation, libraries, and creating building blocks for feature development teams.

Although I have multiple years of experience in leadership roles and in leading different kind of teams, I still consider myself as a lifelong student of leadership and software engineering. That is the reason why I run this blog: I would like to connect and learn from others and share my experience.

Although I consider myself T-shaped and enjoy working on multiple platforms, I keep the green little robot very close to my heart. You will find a lot of technical articles related to android development.

If I’m not on a hike or I’m not on the football field then I’m probably recording a new episode of TheContext Podcast or I am contributing to some open source project on Github.

I live in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

All of the content on this site is made available at no charge, for the benefit of the community. Please don’t reproduce the entire content (or very substantial portions) of any article without asking .