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I’m writing about software engineering, mainly android developement, leadership and other random stuff. I’m co-host of TheContext Podcast and speaker at conferences. I love football and enjoy hiking.

I’m an Engineering Manager at OneFootball.

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Last week I was honored to be guest at Artem Zinnatullin’s podcast The Context where we talked about software architecture on android. In this episode I have highlighted how important a presentation model in MVP is by giving an example how to deal with RecyclerView Adapters dataset changes. Afterwards people asked me how exactly do I apply animated dataset changes and why a presentation model is helpful in this case.


Refactoring Plaid App - A reactive MVP Approach (Part 2)

This is the second part of how we could refactor the Plaid app open sourced by Nick Butcher. In this part we are going to enhance the MVP architecture described in the first part to become truly reactive. Preface: I started the refactoring with the strong belief that I can refactor the whole app.


Refactoring Plaid App - A reactive MVP Approach (Part 1)

Nick Butcher has open sourced on github an awesome app called Plaid. The app is pretty cool and has an outstanding UI / UX. Whenever source code of such awesome apps are available developers start to copy code and best practice tips from it. So I did the same and decided to dive into the code of Plaid.


FragmentArgs 3.0

I finally found some time last weekend to work on FragmentArgs and to release a new major version 3.0. Here is an overview of new features and bug fixes. Migration The good news first: FragmentArgs 3.0 is completely backward compatible to all previous versions (down to 1.0). So basically you have to do nothing.


Debug Overlay

Lately I was looking for a way to display some app internal information to an external staff that is not a developer. I haven’t found a library that fit my needs. Hence I have written my own tiny library called DebugOverlay to do this job. Usually we as developers would log app internal things by using logcat Log.


Don't interrupt the user's flow

From my point of view user experience is a very important topic but sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In this blog post I want to show you how to use RecyclerView to build an user experience that is not interrupting the user’s flow. I’m very lucky to work in a very talented team at Tickaroo where we are building and maintaining the android and iOS apps for kicker, one of the most important football magazine in Europe (even though the main language is German).


Joe's great adapter hell escape

Let me tell you a story about Joe Somebody an android developer at MyLittleZoo Inc. and how he walked through the hell while trying to create reusable RecyclerView Adapters with different view types and how he finally managed to implement reusable Adapters painlessly. Once upon a time Joe Somebody, an android developer, was working for a young startup called MyLittleZoo Inc.



Earlier this year, one day before Valentine’s Day to be precise, I had the glorious idea (ironie) to surprise my lovely girlfriend with a special android app on Valentine’s Day. Who said computer science can’t be romantic? The idea was simple: I wanted to build an android app that imitates and looks like Tinder but instead of displaying real people nearby, I faked everything so that only my profile gets displayed so she only can choose me.


Stinson's Playbook for Mosby

In my previous blog post I introduced Mosby, a Model-View-Presenter library for android. This time I’m going to discuss some more details about MVP in general and Mosby. I have implemented a mail client sample which can be found on Github which is used in this blog entry to describe how to use Mosby and to answer some of the common questions I have been asked after having released Mosby.


Ted Mosby - Software Architect

Ted Mosby, architect in How I met your mother (one of my favorite tv shows) was the inspiration for the name of this android library I’m going to talk about in this blog post. This library helps you to build good, robust and reusable software by implementing Model-View-Presenter pattern on android along with some nice features like ViewState for handling screen orientation changes easily.